COWBOY VET   order

Harlequin American Romance
December 2006
Cowboy Series



WANTED: One Vet Tech,
To Start Immediately
(Jessie Monroe Need Not Apply)

The last person on earth Rand Sheppard wants to rely on is Jessie Monroe, but he needs a vet tech—yesterday—and she’s the only one for hire. And unfortunately, it turns out she’s pretty good at her job. That’s too bad, because as soon as Rand can find a replacement, he’s going to fire Jessie. He owes his cousin that much.

Yes, Jessie’s made plenty of mistakes. Dating Tommy was one of them. One it looks as if she’s never going to live down. If she can only make Rand realize she wasn’t the reason his cousin went to jail, and she isn’t the person Rand—and everyone else in town—thinks she is.

And that it’s okay to fall in love….