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March 2001



Enchanted by your Kisses

His Plan Was Seduction...
Proud and beautiful Lady Ariel D'Archer bravely bears the cruel disdain of society -- all the while wondering if her sullied reputation will prevent love from ever entering her heart again. But then she meets Nathan Trevain, whose breathtaking gaze enflames her passion and whose softest touch sets her heated blood racing. This is a man unwilling to take "no" for an answer -- nor is Ariel certain she could deny him anything. But he is also a man who harbors a dangerous secret -- one that places Ariel in grave danger once she uncovers it.

His Destiny Was Surrender
The secretive future Duke of Davenport has his own hidden reasons for wanting to help the exquisite fallen rose restore her good name -- and for taking her prisoner once she discovers his true identity. For his lovely captive holds the key to the fate of his lost brother. And it will take every ounce of Trevain's fabled seductive powers to win her help. But the closer he holds her -- the deeper he kisses her -- the more completely the lady Ariel takes possession of his soul. Will she be the one to seduce him with true love -- the sweetest, most succulent magic of all?


An Bestseller



"ENCHANTED BY YOUR KISSES is an action-packed Georgian romance that never slows down until the tale is finished. The story line moves forward due to the antics of the lead couple. Ariel will gain reader empathy as she suffers the wrath of the hypocritical aristocracy for her one indiscretion while her lover receives pats on the back for scoring. Nathan knows his skills and willingly uses them, but in Ariel he meets his toughest adversary, love. In just a few years, Pamela Britton has written novels like this one and MY FALLEN ANGEL that excites sub-genre fans with their originality and powerful cast." - Harriet Klausner

"This is an exciting, sensual, action-packed captive/captor romance complete with an original plot and unique characters. Pamela Britton weaves words into a marvelously colorful tapestry with hidden meanings and intriguing patterns." 4 Stars! - Kathe Robin, Romantic Times Magazine

"Enchanted By Your Kisses is a book that valiantly struggles to the finishing line on the strength of its irrepressible charm and good humor alone. I recognize that the plot and the characterization could use a whole lot of tightening, nuts and bolts and all, but it is so easy to forgive because dang it, EBYK is so, well, cute." - Everything Romantic

"After reading ENCHANTED BY YOUR KISSES it was hard to believe this was only Pamela Britton's second novel. Her storytelling enganges the reader and the characters jump off the pages with their personalities. The bad thing is now I have to wait for her next book." Five Hearts, Desert Isle Keeper Status - The Romance Reader



England 1781

Losing one's virtue, Lady Ariel D'Archer decided, was not the glorious experience she'd expected it to be.

Of course, she hadn't exactly lost her virtue yet, but they were close. At least Ariel thought they were.

"Ariel," Archie moaned, his lips trailing wet, slobbery kisses down the side of her neck, his breathing loud in her ear. Too loud. He sounded like a team of horses.

Ariel stared up at the ceiling of the room they occupied, trying to understand where, exactly, things had gone wrong. Certainly she loved Archie. His stolen kisses in her family's garden had proven that. But something had changed in the time she'd agreed to meet him at the Inn for a secret tryst. Something, she feared, that had to do with the way his elbow dug into her side. Or the way his weight pressed into her body, nearly suffocating her.

"Archie," she managed to gasp as more of his weight pressed her into the feather bed. "I can't breathe."

"I know, my love," Archie answered, in between more kisses, his lips moving lower and lower. "You steal my breath away, too."

Steal his breath away... "No," she croaked, for the lower his lips traveled, the more of his weight he put upon her. "I truly cannot breathe."

"Yes, yes, my love. I know." His hand moved. Ariel realized in an instant why. The mint green dress she wore lowered around her breasts, exposing the chemise beneath. Suddenly Ariel was not at all sure meeting her fiancée like this had been such a marvelous idea.

"Archie, please, move." She tried pushing him off of her, at least enough so she could breathe.

"I am moving," he moaned. "My whole world is moving." His lips latched onto her through the fabric of her chemise. Ariel didn't think that could taste at all good, before she realized she really needed to do something about not being able to breathe. She'd begun to see spots.

"Archie," she cried, heaving with all her might.

He grunted, moved, Ariel inhaling a deep gust of air. Oh, heavens, that was better.

His hand moving to her skirts, the edge of the fabric slowly lifting.

Ariel waited for the feeling to come to her, that marvelous feeling Archie's kisses always seemed to evoke. But it'd disappeared somewhere between their carriage ride here and his pressing her down upon the bed. Suddenly, she wasn't at all sure they should be doing this, at least not before they were wed. Archie just seemed so, so exuberant.

But that was as it should be, she told herself. Wasn't it?

"Oh, Ariel. My darling Ariel. I cannot wait to have you."

His hand moved the dress up higher, stroking the bare skin above her petticoats. A hangnail scratched her. She jumped. Archie didn't seem to notice. He was too busy sucking at her flesh like a calf searching for its mother's nipples.

And then he found her nipple.

"Archie?" she questioned, wondering if this was at all proper. "Archie 'tis my nipple."

"Aye, and a beautiful one it is, too."

"Thank you," she murmured, somehow sensing that was not the proper response.

His hand moved to the apex of her thigh.

"Archie," she gasped his name again.

"I know, my love. I know. Soon we will be one. Soon I will be inside of you." He began to press himself against her. Ariel blushed upon realizing he did exactly what Lady Haversham's poodle did to a stranger's calves. This couldn't be right, could it? And what, exactly, did he mean by inside of her? She'd seen animals do obscene things like that, but surely humans didn't do the same.

He jerked off of her. Ariel breathed a sigh of relief. He began to fiddle with his breeches. Ariel watched, wondering what he was doing. And then her eyes widened. She felt her face flush as he pulled his breeches down.

Gracious, heavens, humans did mate like animals.

"Hold tight, my love," he gushed, his hands reaching for her.

"No, sir, you are the one who will hold tight."

Ariel jerked, surprise, shock and a good amount of relief filling her at the sound of the voice. "Papa!" she gasped, covering herself with her arms.

"Pull your dress up, Ariel," he said, the musket he held aimed at Archie. Ariel gulped. Her father did not look pleased to see her. Not at all. That he was furious there could be no doubt. He wore no officer's uniform, but he still looked every inch the admiral. Blue eyes pierced her like they were a sword. His jaw ticked, his aged skin pale, cheeks flushed with rage. Still, not for eighteen years had she been his only daughter. She met his gaze bravely, not ashamed of what she'd been about to do.

"Put yourself away, sir, before I put it away for you." He waved the musket. "Permanently."

Archie seemed to pale. He didn't look at her as he quickly did as asked.

"Papa, we're to be married," Ariel felt the need to explain.

"Quiet, Ariel, I will discuss your impending marriage with his lordship. Leave the room."

Ariel did as told, eyeing her father as she passed, but his blue eyes didn't leave Archie. Truth be told, she felt rather glad for that. Her father could pierce a person with blow darts from his eyes. And if she were honest with herself, she was rather glad for the interruption, too. She needed time to analyze what had happened between her and Archie, or rather, what had almost happened.

She swallowed, squeezed past her father who all but blocked the doorway.. The black jacket he wore open, his gray hair mussed as if he'd ridden hard to catch them. Slowly, she closed the door behind her with shaking hands. She found her maid outside the room, but she was too engrossed in her own thoughts to be angry that her trusted confidant had gone to her father. Archie loved her. What they'd been about to do was a natural result of that love. So it didn't stir her blood like his kisses had in the stable earlier. And so it seemed a bit more, well, messier than she'd imagined. Women all over the world must endure such messiness else there would be no children born nine months after a marriage.

The door to the parlor across the hall lay open. Ariel settled herself in a chair to wait. Her father would no doubt be angry that she hadn't waited until she and Archie were married, but Archie would assure him of their coming nuptials. She forgot about wet kisses and heavy breathing as she recalled the way he'd singled her out from the beginnings of her debut. That the most handsome man in London had wanted her was something Ariel still couldn't believe.

The door crashed open. Her father stood there. "Come," was all he said.

"What of Archie?"

Was it possible, or did her father's face redden even more. "He will not be accompanying us."

"You haven't killed him, have you?" Ariel gasped.

"No I have not, more's the pity."

Ariel felt the first inkling of apprehension, especially when Archie did not make an appearance. She watched for him, craning her neck around as her father's coach and four rumbled away a few moments later.

"He will not be coming after you, Ariel."

She whipped back around to face her father. "But of course he will, papa. He loves me."

"No, he does not."

She shot him a look of impatience. "But of course, he does," she argued. "He's told me at least one hundred times."

"Ariel," her father said sternly, "Men will say whatever it takes when they want to steal a woman's virtue."

"He was not stealing it."

"No? Then you are a fool, daughter, for the man does not love you. He told me as much tonight."

"You're mistaken." She tilted her chin proudly.

"No, I am not."

But he was. Ariel refused to believe otherwise. Archie was not a lecherous villain out to steal her virtue. No man could pretend a look of love such as she'd seen on his face.

But when her lover had not come for her the next day, nor even the next, she began to have her doubts. And when her father came to her room to speak to her, those convictions wobbled even more.

"Ariel, I need to know if you want me to force him to wed you."

"Force?" she croaked.

He nodded. "Aye. Though he might rebel at the notion, I have ways to make him do exactly as I want."

"You will not need to force him," she stressed firmly, her eyes meeting his bravely.

"Yes, I will," he snapped. "It is time you stop fooling yourself about this. He has no intention of marrying you, not when he is about to wed Lady Mary Carew."

Disbelief filled her. "Lady Mary is a friend. He told me so."

"He lied."

"No, papa. That I refuse to believe." And she did. Archie would never lie to her.

"Then you are naive. The man is a wastrel. All of society knows it. That I've raised a daughter too empty-headed to realize that is a source of great shame. Thank God no one witnessed this debacle other than the inn keep."

She felt her cheeks color. Her hands clenched. "You are wrong, papa. He loves me, no matter what you say."

No one dared tell the earl he was wrong, least of all his daughter. He advanced upon her. For the first time in her life she thought he might strike her. She braced herself for it, even welcomed it. She would show him how brave she could be. She was not empty-headed. She was like him. Strong and powerful. Archie loved her. She would stake her life upon it.

"I pray you are correct, daughter, for if you are not, it will not go well for you. I will not help you to restore you reputation. Either chose Archie now or have no one at all."

"You will not need to force him."

But days later, Ariel realized how wrong she was. Worse, word had somehow filtered out that Lady Ariel D'Archer, daughter of the earl of Bettencourt, had been found in a compromising position with Lord Archibald Worth.

She was ruined.

Her father, a man never given to talking much, refused to speak to her at all. And as days passed into weeks she realized that nothing could change the path her life had taken. People she'd once thought of as friends now turned their backs on her. Family members who once called to visit now shunned her like a bad disease. Even her father's maids raised their hands and tittered whenever she walked by. All alone she was. And betrayed. So betrayed.

Four weeks after her ruination Archie married Lady Carew.

Ariel cried until she could cry no more. She vowed then and there that she would never again be so foolish.