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Blue book cover with the words MY FALLEN ANGEL by Pamela Britton
Purple book cover with the words Pamela Britton and Enchanted by Your Kisses
bookcover with a woman in a dress and the title SEDUCED and Pamela Britton
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Her Cowboy Hero 2019.jpg
HOTR Rodeo Legend 2019.jpg
Also Available:
Red Hot Santa
Playboy Prankster
Burning Rubber

Coming Soon
The Farm

When Cloe begs for a job at Briarwood Farm, she has no idea she’s about to enter the posh world of show jumping. For Cloe, it’s not about making money, it’s all about the horses. As a horse-crazy kid, and the daughter of a single mom, she knows all too well that she could never afford to compete on the A circuit like the people whose horses she cares for—and that’s okay with her.

But Cloe is keeping a secret, one that just might thrust her into the world of ‘big eq,’ a sport where you’re judged on how well you ride over fences. It’s a world peopled by A-list celebrities and their kids, and by parents that have more money than God. It’s also where the owners can be your best friend --or you worst enemy--especially when suddenly you’re not just the help, you’re the competition.

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